Make the new KSPHQ a reality

Be a part of this exciting move to a space where lives will be saved, communities will thrive, and more of our friends and neighbors have a place to turn in their darkest moments.

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Be a part of this exciting move to a space where lives will be saved, communities will thrive, and more of our friends and neighbors have a place to turn in their darkest moments.

UPDATE July 30, 2019

THANK YOU to everyone who came out for the Grand Opening of the on the 25th and to the dozens of well-wishers e-mailing, calling, and posting! We are so grateful for you!! THANK YOU to our speakers, Mayor Lisa Larsen and Kris Rogers; honored guests Andy Brown and Gary Henault from Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, Rep. Mike Amyx, Commissioners Michelle Derusseau, Nancy Thellman, Stuart Boley, Molly Kathleen Kocour Boyle and Laine Raitinger from AT&T and Jeff Burkhead owner of Backstory Photography for giving of his time and AMAZING talent to take photos (WE LOVE YOU JEFF!). We are so honored to have the support of our city, county, and state and so thankful for the support of all of you!

If you missed the Grand Opening, we'd still love to take you on a tour! Just email and we'll find a time for you to visit!

UPDATE: The Grand Opening date has just been announced! Please RSVP by clicking here, by calling 785-841-9900, or emailing

Project Update Message:

June 1, 2019.

We're moved!!!

It seems like just yesterday that we saw 2110 Delaware Street suite B for the first time. In just a little over a month everything came together.

We still need your help. We've fund-raised about 20% of what we need to bring the new KSPHQ online. While the phones and call room are up and running, our training center is still just an empty room. Our building security is still on it's way and our 2 therapy rooms are just being used as storage.

Please scroll back up and hit that donate button. Thanks to an amazing act of generosity, overhead for the building itself is completely paid for the next 10 years! Thanks to our dear friends at KU surplus, we were able to get a lot of office furniture donated for functionality--and I have to mention some wonderful people who donated the contents of their cabin to HQ giving us multiple sofas, a refrigerator, several tables, comfy chairs, and a ping pong table for that vital self-care!

I'm also going to hijack this update to tell you about my amazing coworkers and wonderful volunteers. Our executive director spent multiple all-nighters in the new space cutting in new doors, hanging sheet rock, installing a window into the call room so the volunteers weren't boxed in, and re-configuring cubicles to suit our needs--oh, and did I mention that he's been doing all this on a fractured ankle the last 12 days? My amazing coworkers spent tireless days not only working to prevent suicide in their normal roles, but them packing boxes, loading trailers, and physicality moving them over to the new building. Once packed our incredible volunteer counselors helped us move furniture, and unpack as much as we have unpacked in just 2 days.

Thank you to all of you--and thank you to everyone who has donated their time, their hard-earned dollars, and pulled a few muscles to get us here.

Last shout out to John, our awesome volunteer IT guy who installed our new server, wifi, and spend dozens (if not hundreds) of hours ensuring the seamless transition in service.

Thank you to all of you. Together, we're making this a reality. Together we are bringing suicide prevention in our state to a new level ensureing more people have access to a caring voice who wants to help them in their darkest moments.

Now, here are some updated pics. Old office, to new office, to new office after operation began.

You are invited to make a donation and be a part of this exciting move to a space where lives will be saved, communities will thrive, and more of our friends and neighbors have a place to turn in their darkest moments.

The new KSPHQ Crisis Call Room takes us from 2 volunteer counselor work stations to 5+ work stations with room to grow. This means that we can answer more calls from our friends and neighbors calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and our 24/7 emotional support line.

As many as 10 interns and staff can share our primary work space. Such an active space can limit one's productivity. The new KSPHQ has 4 offices, 9 cubicles, and room to grow.

Areas for counseling have always been at a premium. Our current counseling rooms double as offices for 3 people. That means that they get kicked out of their office when appointments arrive. The new KSPHQ has 2 dedicated therapy rooms as well as a therapy space in our director of counseling's office.

Space for our volunteer counselors, staff, and the community to be comfortable is so important. While we currently have a sink in the crisis call room, the new KSPHQ has a full kitchen/break room for volunteer counselors to take a time out, practice self-care, or even stop by while they're not volunteering for a shift.

Technology is paramount to a crisis center. Our new server room allows the KSPHQ to have enhanced security so our volunteers feel safe at all times, a new VoIP phone system, super high-speed internet for work productivity and online crisis chat.

The Crown Jewel of the new KSPHQ has to be the new Suicide Prevention Training and Conference Center. The new center, when furnished, will seat up to 40 people in conference seating or up to 70 auditorium seating for a wide variety of community suicide prevention and mental health trainings. The training center will also be used as a community room for meetings and activities that advance the wellness of our entire community.

A note from Steve:

Dear Friends,

50 years ago, a journey began that would impact countless lives and enable individuals to seek better options and decisions about their own health, happiness, and safety. Today - You, I and thousands of other volunteers, friends and families are invited to be the first people to witness the birth of a new journey that will prepare us for the next 50 years.

It is with honor and gratitude that I introduce the KSPHQ (Kansas Suicide Prevention Headquarters): our brand new corporate office, community training center and crisis counseling facility. Headquarters will significantly increase its space from 1,200 sq. feet to over 6,600 sq. feet; our crisis call room will expand to comfortably house 5+ volunteer counselors per shift; our training/conference center will provide opportunities for large groups to receive suicide prevention education; and our administration will now have dedicated offices that will significantly improve efficiencies and productivity.

I am also pleased to announce that Headquarters, Inc. received a large grant from a private family foundation that neutralizes the cost of this new building and allows us to completely apply future dollars we raise directly to our programs rather than to overhead! This amazing gesture of generosity shows confidence in our quality of service and respect for our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Although our official move date will be June 1, 2019, we desperately need your help today! Please help us bring the new KSPHQ online by making a donation for:

  • A new VoIP phone system that volunteer counselors will use to save lives.
  • Tables, chairs and technology in the Training Center for future volunteers to learn suicide prevention skills to better support our local community and our entire state.
  • A new security system and controlled access points that grants a volunteer counselor peace of mind while counseling someone in their darkest moments
  • Furnishing self- care and individual therapy areas that keep all of us safe, healthy and energized for the next difficult task or call that lies ahead.
  • Technology upgrades that will consistently bring better services to those we serve, our volunteers counselors, and staff throughout our new facility
Please consider being our partner in helping us reach our $97,500 goal! Please find enclosed a special opportunity to make an important financial investment in our future. In addition to cash, check or credit card, there are several unique ways you can make a difference by transferring appreciated investments through the Douglas County Community Foundation, or deferred methods such as estate planning and insurance options. Every dollar counts and every life matters!

Thank you,

Steve Devore, Executive Director