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My Suicide Story

My first time saving a life.

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I remember my first fight against suicide.

I remember turning the corner to see my best friend leaving out the side door. I remember grabbing the car keys out of his hand. I remember the sound of the engine turning over, Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' playing on the radio and the intersection we drove through when he finally broke his silence:

"Dave... if you didn't see me leave... this was going to be my last drive."

Six years ago my friend told me about his suicide plan. I was able to intervene. Since then, more than 3,000 families in Kansas were not given the same chance.

Now, I fight for those families.

I joined Headquarters, Inc., the only organization whose mission is to fight for suicide prevention for Kansans across the entire state.

We administer 24/7/365 phone and chat hotlines that are answered by volunteers, providing counseling to those in need of immediate emotional support. Our staff advocate for the inclusion of suicide prevention within state policy while providing educational resources, training and services to local communities. All of these efforts are supported by our donors, coalitions, community partners and board of directors.

As Board President, I am excited to continue building upon our successes as we approach our 50th anniversary. Our call volumes have annually increased since 2012, we expect to surpass the 19,000+ calls we received in 2017. Our Volunteer graduation, retention and participation ranks among the top for crisis centers in the nation. We are honored to support and represent new and existing coalitions in local communities across the state. We are thrilled to advocate for best practices in suicide prevention at Kansas' first prevention conference in Topeka next week.

These achievements would not have been possible without donations from people like you.

Support our efforts in suicide prevention and donate today. Your donation could save a life.