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With invisible chronic illnesses, suicide is such a great threat. Let's help change that.

Join me and help make a difference, please either donate today or come to the gallery opening of "Taking the Masks Off" and make a contribution.

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My name is Nicole. People still tend to call me a warrior. I fight an ongoing non-terminal, yet detrimental invisible illness everyday. Suicide is very real amongst the chronically ill. my gallery will be here to show people what we look like underneath the mask we put on every morning and under the facade we put on every night so we don't burden our friends and family with our illnesses. And we all have a plethora of them.

I am not just chronically ill. I am more than that. I am also a photographer and I have wanted to capture the rawness of the beautiful people who fight illnesses like mine and also illnesses unlike mine everyday. I want to capture them raw and in the flesh. I want, and we need, people to see us for not what we are, but who we are under the masks we adon every morning. Please join us in this movement and attend the gallery in October. Final date to be announced. Please join us if you are not able to attend by making a donation to this foundation. Suicide is real. Suicide is very real in the chronically ill community. So let's all help support the cause and try to make a change!

Join the real change. Let's support good in the world and make a difference. Help us prevent suicide by supporting HEADQUARTERS INC

Nicole Dussmann

-Owner/Photographer of All-in-All Photography