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Give Kansans the Tools to Save Lives!

One Kansan kills themselves every 15 hours. Let's save lives by providing NO COST training to families, friends, doctors, and other community members to recognize the signs before it's too late.

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When I drive through town and see someone pulled over struggling with a flat tire, I stop. If it’s raining, I stop. If I’m on my way to work, I text my boss, and I stop. I stop because I care, and most importantly, I know how to change a tire.

Most people know how to change a tire. Most people care about the well being of others. Most people want to show their compassion by helping, by assisting others solve their problems.

Wouldn't it be amazing if more people could assist people struggling with suicidal thoughts? Just like how people aren't born with the knowledge of how to change a tire, we aren't born with suicide prevention skills either. We learned them.

There are seven flat tires every second in the US. Here in Kansas, some one kills themselves every 15 hours, and 20 more attempt suicide. How many people would you stop ask if they needed help if you had the tools to do so?

Kansas Suicide Prevention HQ offers assistance to those struggling with mental health issues and thoughts of suicide through our counseling center and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline call center, but we also train people to recognize the signs of suicide in others and how to help them. There are a wide variety of trainings that we use to equip community members with the skills and tools necessary to save lives.

Wouldn't it be amazing if helping someone with thoughts of suicide was as obvious as helping someone with a flat tire? Well, that's where you come in! At KSPHQ, we have a team of experts who train people is a number of ways to spot and help people experiencing thoughts of suicide and your donation can bring those training to every town in Kansas.

I dream of training 400 community members to identify the signs of suicide, Research shows that on average a person has 150 meaningful in-real-life relationships. If the math holds up - that means that those 400 suicide prevention trained people will be able to help 60,000 Kansans stay safer from suicide. To do that, we need $100 for each community member. How many training sponsorships can we count on from you?

This is the season of giving. Please give the gift of knowledge. Please give this gift of tools. Give the gift of life saving training that will protect the lives of our fellow Kansans. Hope starts at home.

Please, give the gift of hope this holiday season, and sponsor these trainings for your community members.

Don't forget that if you sign up for monthly donations, you will receive a KSPHQ lapel pin.